Ashton Kutcher Skewers Bill De Blasio In Scathing Facebook Post

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Ashton Kutcher ripped the New York City mayor apart in a Facebook post, accusing Bill de Blasio of “corrupt shortsighted politics” that he thinks are “destroying innovation.”

In the post, the actor respond to de Blasio’s proposal to freeze growth of for-hire driver vehicle companies like Uber and Lyft. Kutcher said he was “beside himself” because of the “regulation that Mayor DeBlasio is trying to force upon Uber and the citizens of NYC.”

Ashton Kutcher Bill de Blasio

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“He talks about discrimination in NYDailyNews OP ed but has no idea how hard it is for ethnic people to get a cab,” Kutcher wrote. “He talks about protecting drivers but has no idea about the people who drive for Uber to subsidize their income.”

“He talks about congestion but doesn’t even recognize that Uber is a fraction of a fraction of the traffic in the city.”

Ashton Kutcher Bill de Blasio Uber

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In the proposed bill, de Blasio and the city council would be able to cap the growth of companies like Uber by limiting how many cars they can put on the road each year. The bill would allow the companies to increase the amount of cars by one percent each year, which is only about 201 new drivers for Uber, Business Insider reports.

Because the bill could come to a vote this week, Uber’s general manager offered to have a public debate with de Blasio.