Catholic Universities Support Gay Marriage, Hilarity Ensues

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At least two Catholic universities in the United States have taken to social media to celebrate same-sex marriage this summer.

The schools are DePaul University — America’s largest Catholic school by enrollment — and the University of San Francisco.

In the case of DePaul, the school has published a plethora of social media posts urging students to support gay marriage and attend gay pride marches and parades, reports

On June 28 and 29, the official Twitter account of the Vincentian institution dedicated almost all of its tweets to Chicago’s 2015 gay pride parade.

A corresponding Storify feed created by DePaul University specifically notes that the “Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage a constitutional right added even more emotion to” this years’ pride parade.

Here is an example tweet from the official DePaul account:

A contingent of DePaul students and others representing the school marched in the parade. The school’s official Twitter account embraced and celebrated the excitement:

There was also a free T-shirt from the school for the gay pride event. The school tweeted about it:

The free T-shirts featured DePaul’s logo and the rainbow spectrum. The school-supported group called LGBTQA Student Services purchased the shirts to give away. The group exists to support “student diversity, specifically relating to sexuality and gender identity,” notes EAGnews.

As the Cardinal Newman Society has noted, this year marks the second in which DePaul has officially marched in Chicago’s large, boisterous gay pride parade.

The vigorous support for gay pride isn’t DePaul’s first rodeo with messages and actions that fly in the face of the most basic tenets of Catholicism.

Back in 2013, for example, on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a group of DePaul students destroyed an anti-abortion display on quad of the school’s main campus. (RELATED: Memorial For Aborted Babies Trashed At Depaul University On Roe V. Wade Anniversary)

The student vandals found the flags offensive, they later said.

Meanwhile, about 2,100 miles west, the president of the University of San Francisco has expressed regret for a tweet formally applauding the Supreme Court’s nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage.

“Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage nationwide in wake of #SFPride-@USF_LTMC #LoveWins,” the apparently now-deleted tweet from the Jesuit school’s official Twitter account read, according to Campus Reform.

The photo accompanying the celebratory tweet showed the California State Capitol gleaming in the colors of the rainbow flag.

Father Paul Fitzgerald, S.J., the U. San Francisco president, blamed a junior staffer.

“The university regrets any misunderstanding caused by the erroneous post and will provide closer oversight over posts on official social media platforms in the future,” a statement from Fitzgerald explained.

Fitzgerald pledged that he and the school agree with orthodox Catholic doctrine that marriages should include a single male and a single female.

Like DePaul, the University of San Francisco tweeted happily about gay pride events and the Supreme Court’s June ruling on gay marriage.

For example:

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