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Quote of the Day:

“Reporters enjoy making us comms people search high & low for their contact info. I appreciate reporters who put their email in their byline. Makes both of our jobs easier.”

Beth Baumann, publicist and contributor to Politichicks and TheBlaze.

CNN host insults entire GOP presidential lineup 

“For the Trump Effect, look no further than Brooke Baldwin, who just called the entire GOP field ‘childish.’ It rubs off on all of them.” — Evan McMurry, Mediaite.

The Observer

“Trump’s going to have a grand old time with the people now blasting him who once sucked up to him for one thing or another.”  — Nick Confessore, NYT.

NEWSFLASH — Sally Kohn: ‘Bill Cosby is a rapist’ 

“Bill Cosby is a rapist. And he’ll probably never see the inside of a court room.” — CNN contributor Sally Kohn. See her story about it here.

Just asking questions

“What is the average tenure of a Gawker editor?” — Politico media columnist Jack Shafer, who was fired from Slate and Reuters.

From Politico Playbook: See here.



Mother Jones engagement editor does not like this word 

“’Stroke’ is a gross word.” — Ben Dreyfuss.

Reason editor has bed fees

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HuffPost, princesses and period stains

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