Hillary Clinton Offers Herself As Dinner Date Prize In TOTALLY RIGGED Sweepstakes

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After raising $45 million in the last few months by hobnobbing with hedge fund managers and wealthy elites, Hillary Clinton’s newest fundraising gambit is to obtain cash by offering to eat with some specially-plucked member of the hoi polloi.

The carefully-worded language of the sweepstakes ensures that not just any old rabble can win, though.

“Friend,” the 67-year-old Democratic presidential candidate’s Monday email to The Daily Caller explains, “I’d like to get to know you, and I can’t think of a better way to do that than sitting down to dinner together.”

All you have to do is “add your name,” the Hillary for America email explains, and “you’ll be entered for the chance to be flown out with a guest to have dinner with me on the campaign trail.”

Don’t expect to talk about anything of substance.

“We don’t have to talk politics or get too serious — no homework assignments before this dinner,” the jaunty email assures. “I just want to know what’s on your mind, and I’d like to thank you for being a part of this team.”

As the fine print explains, the Clinton campaign will “determine, in its sole discretion, the date, location, attendees, and all other relevant details of the trip.”

The fine print also shows that the sweepstakes is not a typical lottery. Instead, it is set up to ensure that the winner is someone who agrees with Clinton’s politics.

“One hundred (100) potential winners will be selected by a random drawing from all eligible entries” at some undetermined point by Aug. 3, 2015. The Clinton campaign “will conduct a background check on each potential winner” and “reserves the right to disqualify any potential winner from receiving any prize based on such background check.”

“Safety,” “security” and making sure there is no “disruption” are the rationales given for this sweepstakes rule.

The unique sweepstakes format will also ensure that “the list of eligible potential winners” is sufficiently multicultural and politically correct, with “an appropriate range of views, backgrounds, and interests among the winners selected.”

The email also explains that the Clinton campaign “will take care of your travel and accommodations, so you can relax and enjoy our time together.” However, a perusal of the dinner-with-Hillary-sweepstakes fine print shows this claim is false.

The “winner and his or her guest are responsible for ground transportation to and from the airports and hotel, all other meals and all other expenses that winner and his or her guest incur in connection with the Prize.”

While there is no purchase necessary to enter the eat-with-Clinton sweepstakes, Clinton’s campaign candidly says it is “asking for a donation of up to $2,700 from individuals per election to Hillary for America.”

The Clinton campaign estimates that the value of a dinner with the candidate is $1,900.

“See you for dinner,” the email to TheDC ends. It is signed, “Hillary.”

In more fine print, the Clinton email encourages recipients to contact the Clinton campaign via a contact page. “This is your campaign, so if you have thoughts on anything at all, just click here to send us a message!”

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