Limbaugh: John Kerry A ‘Self-Absorbed Megalomaniac’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh lambasted Secretary of State John Kerry Wednesday, calling him a “self-absorbed megalomaniac” after Kerry’s admission that he was “disturbed” by recent comments from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on the Iran nuclear deal.

During his radio broadcast, the conservative host ripped Kerry apart over his “dangerous” dealings with the Iranians while broadening his thoughts on Kerry others on the left. Furthering his “dangerous” claim, Limbaugh ripped Democrats for their “self-presumed superior intellects” and a sense of “narcissism”

“I think it’s key to understand the psychology of people. The philosophical psychology of people,” Limbaugh said. “One of the things we are told to accept and believe every day is the superior intelligence and IQ and competence of everybody on the left. The Democrats are just naturally smarter. They are more sophisticated. They’re worldly. They are appreciated more by people of the world than these crass Republicans.”

“And we are told believe they are a cut above everybody. I mean, they are the best and the brightest and they are the wizards of smart. And in fact, John Kerry is the exact opposite,” Limbaugh said. “He is a self-absorbed megalomaniac who hasn’t the ability to know what he doesn’t know. And he believes that he is universally loved and appreciated because he can speak French, ’cause he can speak Spanish. Because he’s an American and a Democrat, they think the world loves him and that the world has universal respect for him.”

“Kerry is the kind of guy who does go to bed at night — well, waits to go to bed. Everybody else in the house is asleep, he turns the lights down, sits down, has an adult beverage and ponders is going greatness,” Limbaugh continued. “He’s the kind of guy that does that. He’ll look at himself in the mirror and think of his own greatness.”

“And he’s the kind of guy who’ll sit down for months and months of meetings with representatives of a nation that has sworn to wipe out our allies and us and think that he is seriously changing their mind based on his ability to make them respect and like him,” he said.

Limbaugh went on to blast the former Massachusetts senator for only now saying that he is “disturbed” by the Ayatollah’s recent speech, in which he pushed to defy the U.S. policies in the region despite the recent deal.

“That’s dangerous. All of — that’s precisely why people on the left, these self-presumed superior intellects. This narcissism — this is why they are dangerous,” Limbaugh railed. “They tell themselves about how loved and adored they are by our enemies. And then, beyond that, they tell themselves because of the power of their worlds and speeches and personality, and their open-mindedness and brilliance — or whatever else about them they think is superior that all these bad guys in the world have been brought to heal.”

“That Kerry and the boys, they have, in effect, tamed the mullahs,” he said. “And when the mullahs don’t play along and start kissing Kerry’s butt like everybody else should be doing, he’s stunned and doesn’t know how to deal with it.”