Rubio Likens Trump To Obama: ‘We Already Have A President That Has No Class’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Florida Sen. Marco Rubio took his opportunity to poke the bear Wednesday, going after Donald Trump for being neither “dignified or worthy of the office he seeks” in the wake of comments that continue to make the rounds.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” Rubio likened the real estate mogul to President Barack Obama, saying that the White House already houses a president “that has no class.” The Florida senator added that some of Trump’s recent language is not “worthy of the office.”

“Here‘s what’s so important to me. The Presidency of the United States is not just the top government official. It is the leader of our people and of our nation,” Rubio said. “It is important that we have — to conduct the presidency, it has to be done many a dignified way. There’s a level of class.”

“I don’t think the way his behavior the last few weeks is either dignified or worthy of the office he seeks. We already have a president now that has no class,” Rubio railed. “I mean, we have a president now that does selfie stick videos, that invites YouTube stars there, people that eat cereal out of a bathtub. That accuses — you just saw the interview he did right now. He goes on comedy shows to talk about something as serious as Iran. The list goes on. It is important to have a presidency that restores dignity and class to the White House, and I don’t believe some of the language Mr. Trump is employing is worthy of the office. I just do not.”

“I think we can legitimately talk about many of the issues he raises, whether it’s the VA, which I‘ve actually done something about that, although the president refused to implement it. Whether it’s immigration, which is a serious issue that I’ll continue to work to try to solve and I’ve done my best in the past to solve. There’s a way to do it.”