Lincoln Chafee: Joe Biden Will Enter 2016 Race [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee predicted that Vice President Joe Biden will enter the 2016 race for the Democratic nomination during an interview Thursday.

Speaking to longtime host Larry King, Chafee said that he would put “two dollars” on a Biden bid, going on later to say “I think he’s going to get in.” Chafee, who is also running and trailing significantly in the polls, pointed to Biden standing by President Barack Obama during big announcements and speeches, saying “that seems to signal something to me.”

LARRY KING: Do you buy anything to the possibility that Joe Biden might get in?

LINCOLN CHAFEE: Well you’re a race track guy. I’d put two dollars on that.

KING: You think he might?

CHAFEE: I think he’s going to get in.

KING: Really?

CHAFEE: I do. I’d put two dollars. Yes I do.

KING: Is that a gut or more than a gut.

CHAFEE: Well I see him standing with President Obama in every photo. Especially the big main profile [photos]—when the Supreme Court ruled in favor the Affordable Care Act, the deal with Iran, the opening of Cuba, it always seems the Vice President is standing right there. That seems to signal something to me. He’s run before, he ran in 1988 and of course in 2008. And I served with him on the Foreign Relations Committee, we’ve traveled together to Iraq. We’ve done some trips together to Mexico. I’ll put my two dollars that he gets in.