Planned Parenthood Defends Killing Babies And Selling The Organs By Tweeting Popular Children’s Movie Character

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

In an almost nonsensically insensitive move, Planned Parenthood defended itself from accusations that it is selling aborted fetus organs on the black market by tweeting an image of a character from the popular children’s movie, “Minions.”

The film — released this past year — is a prequel to the critically acclaimed “Despicable Me” but has not lived up to the expectations of its predecessors, receiving a rating of “54% rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer. According to the reviews, the latest movie lazily recycles beloved parts from the first two installments, in what can only be described as a greedy scam to suck every last dollar out of the venture.

So, I guess it at least has that much in common with Planned Parenthood.

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