Ann Coulter: Trump Could Win The Election [VIDEO]

Heather Hunter Contributor
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In a D.C.-based radio interview, best-selling author Ann Coulter Friday defended GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump and believes he could be a “nominee who could win” the election.

“Trump is different. We have been lied to for thirty years about immigration. That’s why Trump is striking this chord. He’s attractive. He’s tall. He’s hilariously funny. I think he could be not only a nominee who could win but a third party candidate who could win,” Coulter told WMAL Friday.

She admitted in the interview she has reversed her stance on opposing candidates who were not governors.

“The more I see Trump talk, the more it diminishes the other candidates,” Coulter said.

The “Adios, America!” author told WMAL a third party candidate would “be fantastic” considering the current Republican field for president.

“I promise you that if the nominee is Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry or really any of those midgets, our fate is sealed,” Coulter said. “The Republican isn’t winning if it’s Marco or Jeb Bush. It’s absolute madness… The polls show Donald Trump is way ahead.”

Coulter dismissed Trump’s “war hero” comments about Sen. John McCain in comparison to what other presidential candidates have done.

“Marco Rubio spent three years trying to push amnesty on the country. I think that’s a bigger mistake than some flip remark that was he was instantly retracting. And Jeb Bush who campaigned for about five years to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses and 13 of the 19 hijackers on 911 had Florida driver licenses. He calls illegal immigration an ‘act of love’ and those are rather more important mistakes,” Coulter told WMAL host Brian Wilson.

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