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Quote of the Day:

“My thoughts are that my job is not about my feelings and emotions.”

–CNN’s Jake Tapper in response to a question about presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee‘s Holocaust “oven” comments.

Donald Trump calls Arianna Huffington a ‘Dummy’

“Isn’t it funny that I am now #1 in the money losing @HuffingtonPost (poll), and by a big margin. Dummy @ariannahuff must be thrilled!” — Donald Trump, presidential frontrunner.

Is this why Nicolle Wallace is getting kicked off ‘The View?’

“The substance of Trump’s message is alarming but it’s the style people like.” — Nicolle Wallace on ABC’s “The View” in a really brilliant observation regarding presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Advice for Trump’s enemies: ‘Knock his dick in the dirt’ 

“The Trump show ends when the other candidates follow Perry and Rubio, get off their asses and knock his dick in the dirt. Do a deep oppo dive on Trump and go to work. Trump’s verbal incontinence prevents him from being able to restrain himself.” — Republican media strategist Rick Wilson in a story for Politico mag on “How Does Trump End?”

The Observer 

“‘I didn’t realize my words were offensive’ should be the beginning of self examination but sadly it’s often the end of the dialogue.” — comedian and liberal Lizz Winstead.

Among Sen. Ted Cruz’ top 5 superheroes: Rorschach

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Journo has no desire to hang out at the ‘fucking’ Newseum 

“Hey Twitter, I only have time to visit one museum in DC today — which one should I pick? I’m not going to the fucking Newseum” — Helen Holmes, editor-in-chief NYU Local, Awl summer reporter.

Question to ponder: “What’s the emotion you feel when you see 2 full pages of the NYT with an important story you know you’re not going to read? Guilt? Relief?” — Jeff Greenfield, political analyst, longtime TV newsman.


“Every ‘grandmother with two eyes and a brain’ knows storing sensitive classified information on a home server is dangerous @HillaryClinton” — presidential hopeful George Pataki, three-term governor of New York.