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Buzzfeed Reporter [DOES NOT] Twerk For Justice [VIDEO]

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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BuzzFeed reporter Tracy Clayton has taken her risqué reporting to new depths today with a Vine video that shows someone else enthusiastically shaking her ass for justice behind a police car.

“TWERKIN4JUSTICE,” she writes.

We can only imagine how much BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith does not enjoy watching his reporter’s butt cheeks in action because it actually wasn’t her. 

Correction: Six months after this article ran, BuzzFeed PR and Clayton decided to get off their lazy (non-twerking) asses to tell me that I got this wrong. A publicist managed to communicate with me by email; Clayton meanwhile, went to the place she lives — Twitter. The truth is, I would’ve happily corrected this six months ago. And no, this wasn’t an attempt on my part to be racist or “libelous.” So Clayton and her Twitter family can shove those thoughts right up their non-shaking asses. The Mirror does wholeheartedly apologize for the error in assuming the often risqué Clayton would ever shake her butt cheeks for justice behind a police car.

The above story has been corrected for accuracy.

Of course, Clayton assumes this was some grand attempt on my part to be racist.  Please note: the lack of proper capitalizations are all hers: “As much as i wish my twerking skills were that on point, its not me,” she angrily tweeted at The Mirror Friday. “we dont all look alike.” She added, “yo if my ass looked like that and my twerk skills were like that there would be 500 more videos of me twerking in random places. and id be like LOOK AT ME TWERKIN AT THE PAWN SHOW. HERE I GO AGAIN TWERKIN AT THE CHECK CASHIN PLACE.”

Yo, Tracy, thanks for clarifying and using stereotypes to insult your race in the process. I’m just glad to know that you’ve never had a yeast infection. And let the record show: Clayton routinely cracks on white people. She’s also been known to tweet about her pooping habits.