Have The Simpsons Accurately Predicted The Future, Yet Again?

Sumner Park Contributor
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The Simpsons might have bizarrely predicted the future, once again.

A post from Reddit recently emerged, revealing a scene from an episode called “Bart to the Future,” that takes place 30 years ahead of time with Lisa Simpson taking Donald Trump’s spot as president. As president, Lisa references an inherited budget crunch from President Trump and points to a chart reflecting the country’s financial status.

In 2008, the episode “Treehouse of Horror XIX,” shows Homer having trouble with the electronic voting machine, preventing him to vote for Barack Obama. Only in the next elections of 2012 did this transform into real life, when the system switched a voter’s ballot from Barack Obama to Mitt Romney. (RELATED: Pennsylvania Voting Machine Changes Obama Vote To Romney [VIDEO])

Even a promotional video, launched before the outcomes of the 2012 elections, snuck in a nearly accurate prediction of the victory for President Obama.