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I’m Proud To Be An [REDACTED], Where At Least I Know I’m Free

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If you hate accuracy in language, you could have a rewarding career in academia. Universities are doing their best to protect their students from dangerous thoughts and ideas by controlling the words they use. Words like “American.”

Eric Owens reports:

The University of New Hampshire has issued a Bias-Free Language Guide which identifies the word “American” as a “problematic” term which should not be used.

Other “problematic” words on the taxpayer-funded school’s lengthy list include “mothering,” “fathering,” “healthy,” “homosexual,” “rich,” “poor” and “senior citizen,” notes Campus Reform

The word “American” is “problematic,” according to the University of New Hampshire, because it “assumes the U.S. is the only country inside” land masses — North America, South America and Central America — with the word “America” in their names.

The UNH language guide decrees that language users should say “U.S. citizen” or “resident of the U.S.” instead.

I’m not sure this goes far enough. Is the term “United States” really appropriate? A lot of people don’t like the United States. Hearing that term triggers them, and rightly so. Just look at all the bad things the U.S. has done. Shouldn’t we be more sensitive to the feelings of people who hate us?

And what’s so “united” about a bunch of states, anyway? Most of them are those squarish ones in the middle, with all the rednecks and murderous cops and Honey Boo Boo. Who wants to be united with that?

If you really need to use that term, you should mask it: U***** S*****. Or say “the U-term.” Or call this place by its proper name: The Land We Stole from the Native Americans. Er, I mean the Indigenous North Americans, Not That There’s Anything Wrong with Central or South America.