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‘And Another Boy!’: Fourth Planned Parenthood Video Is The Most Disturbing Yet

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Unless you have an emotional and/or financial interest in killing babies, you’re not buying Planned Parenthood’s excuses for the utterly devastating videos that have put abortion enthusiasts on defense. No, it’s not about “donating fetal tissue.” It’s not about “protecting women’s health.” It’s about killing people who can’t defend themselves, selling their organs, and lying about it.

This is tough to watch, particularly the last few minutes.

Planned Parenthood, et al. will go to any lengths to deny in public what they say when they don’t think anybody is watching: These aren’t specimens. This isn’t fetal tissue. These are boys and girls. These are human beings.

Go ahead, black out the story. Use lawfare against the whistleblowers. Demand an investigation of the people who are telling us the truth about Planned Parenthood. None of it will close the lid on Pandora’s box.

P.S. The PP site hack looks like another one of their lies.

P.P.S. Planned Parenthood is denying that its own employees said the things we can hear them say, and that’s good enough for the White House.