Flight Forgets To Unload Luggage And Turns Around

James Longley Contributor
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Airline passengers often forget to bring something but this time an airline forgot to unload the previous flight’s luggage.

A Ryanair flight from Northern Ireland to Spain turned around after 20 minutes in the sky because of the idiotic error according to USA Today.

The flight took off again after an hour delay. The ridiculous and unheard of situation was blamed on the ground crew at the City of Derry Airport in Northern Ireland.

One passenger’s tweet shows the erroneous flight path before it was able to continue on its scheduled service.

Ryanair is known for its ultra-low fares throughout Europe along with its charges for everything from a normal sized carry-on to drinks and food aboard the flights. Typically the barebones airline does not transport many pieces of luggage due to its charges checked bag fees that can reach $78 per bag.

An airport spokesman told USA Today that they were reviewing the incident. It appears that the ultra-low fare airline was not directly at fault but rather the airport was.

A spokesman for Ryanir told USA Today, “This flight from Derry to Alicante (27 July) returned to Derry shortly after take-off to unload baggage from the previous flight, which the third party ground handling agent had failed to remove before take-off. The aircraft landed normally, the baggage was removed and the flight departed to Alicante. Ryanair apologized to customers affected by this short delay.”

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