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It Must Be Fun To Work At Rolling Stone These Days

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What happens when you falsely accuse people of rape in a national magazine? Not good things. Not good things at all.

Here’s something that’s not good news for Rolling Stone. Chuck Ross reports:

Three University of Virginia graduates who are members of the the fraternity falsely accused of staging a gang rape in a now-debunked Rolling Stone article are suing the publication and the disgraced author of the piece, Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

Phi Kappa Psi members George Elias IV, Stephen Hadford and Ross Fowler have filed suit in New York claiming that the false story, which appeared in the magazine’s Nov. 19 issue, “had a devastating effect” on their reputations, the Associated Press reports…

Elias IV, Hadford, and Fowler all suffered “vicious and hurtful attacks,” their suit asserts. The men are seeking at least $75,000 in damages from Erdely, Rolling Stone, and its parent company, Wenner Media.

And here’s something else that’s not good news for Rolling Stone. Ravi Somaiya, NYT:

Will Dana, the managing editor of Rolling Stone, will leave the magazine, just months after a controversial article about a supposed gang rape at the University of Virginia was retracted.

Mr. Dana, whose planned last day is Aug. 7, is not leaving for another job, and his successor has not been named. When asked if the departure was linked to the controversy over the discredited article, Rolling Stone’s publisher, Jann S. Wenner, said, via a spokeswoman, that “many factors go into a decision like this…”

Mr. Dana and Mr. Wenner both declined to be interviewed.

Of course they did. And of course he’s not quitting because he made Rolling Stone a laughingstock. What does that have to do with anything?

Sometimes bad things happen to bad people. One must have a heart of stone to read the humiliation of Jann Wenner without laughing.

As for all the feminists and SJWs who defended the UVA story and called skeptics “rape deniers”? Here’s what they have to say now: