Pat Buchanan On Trump: ‘If We Started The Primaries Today, I’d Bet On Him For The Nomination’

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan said that Donald Trump could actually win the Republican presidential nomination, even if he continues to use the same inflammatory rhetoric that has caused his recent surge in the polls.

Buchanan, who himself ran for president multiple times, told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that though the establishment candidate usually wins the primary, “this time, the insurgent is the front-runner.”

BUCHANAN: He’s got lots of money, and he’s very able and colorful… Let me tell you how far he can go. This race almost always comes down to the establishment guy… versus the the outlier, the outsider, the insurgent… and once you go through the primary, the establishment all comes together and wins, almost always. This time, the insurgent is the front-runner. He could come out of these primaries if he holds where he’s at, and some establishment candidates are going to have to try and rally everyone around him… I think Trump, if he starts off today — if we started the primaries today — I would bet on him for the nomination. 

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