Traded Mets Player Tears Up During Game, Then Gets Untraded

Taylor Beck Contributor
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As if getting traded during a game wasn’t traumatizing enough, Mets’ shortstop Wilmer Flores was also forced to keep playing, reports GQ.

During Wednesday night’s Mets-Padres games, news broke that Wilmer Flores and Zach Wheeler were to be traded to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for Carlos Gomez. Typically when a player is traded during a game, he is pulled from the game in order to avoid injury.

However, Flores was kept in the game to play for a team that had just gotten rid of him. Eventually his emotions got the best of him and Flores began to cry.

Many news outlets felt bad for Flores. GQ in particular proclaimed that “Flores should feel no shame about this. Imagine hearing that everything you have gotten used to about your life is changing over night (and not necessarily for the better) and you have no say in the matter.”

All the while, Flores was also playing in front of a few million people all around the world.

Following the game, the deal eventually fell apart for concerns over Gomez’s hip. Looks like Flores will get a second chance with the Mets after all.