‘Engagement, Not Isolationism’: Hillary More Concerned With Cubans Than Talking To American Reporters [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Amanda Renteria told MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton believes “engagement, not isolationism” is the way for America to move forward.

Unfortunately, the engagement Renteria — the national political director for “Hillary For America” — was talking about how the United States should lift its trade embargo on Cuba, and not about her boss’ refusal to engage American reporters and citizens in discussing the specifics of policy plans, a fact that heavily contributes to major trust issues much of the country has with the former first lady.

RENTERIA: What this is about is showing her vision for America, and really how her policies are different from what you’re hearing from the Republican platform… and Rubio and Bush. 

What her belief is, is the way you get folks to change, the way you start moving things forward is engagement, not isolationism, and really, as you think about Cuban policies in the past, it hasn’t worked, and that’s what she’s going to talk about today is that we’ve got to move forward together because that is the only way we’re going to make a difference with what’s going on in Cuba, what’s going on with the Cuban people… So there is an opportunity to really make a difference in what can happen in Cuba if we have a tighter relationship…

Later in the interview, Diaz-Balart gave Renteria a window to talk about how Hillary could change her public perception by actually answering questions, but she responded with the same defense her campaign has been using since the former secretary of state announced her candidacy.

RENTERIA: People will get to know her over the course of these next eighteen months. I think when you see her fight for America, when you see her fight for families across this country, it’s a different story. People will see that as she gets out there. The more we’re around DREAMERS circles, or out at the National Urban League. You know, when you talk to folks coming out of those events, there’s a different sense. So what we’ve got to do as a campaign is to make sure we showcase who she really is.

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