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Libs Sure Are Worried About This Benghazi Movie, Huh?

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I haven’t seen a Michael Bay movie since Armageddon. This is because I saw Armageddon. That was enough Michael Bay to last me a couple of decades. But 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi looks interesting, for a number of reasons.

I’ve liked James Badge Dale ever since his thankless role as Kiefer Sutherland’s sidekick on 24, and it’s good to see him front and center. It looks like Bay is going for a Zero Dark Thirty feel, without any of the subtlety because he’s Michael Bay. And I’m always interested in movies where good guys try to stop bad guys, even when the good guys are white American beard-bros and the bad guys are the designated victims.

But most importantly, I’m going to see this movie because of the people who don’t want me to see this movie. Check out their abject panic.


They do know this movie isn’t coming out for another six months, right?

What are they so worried about? Either people will go see it or they won’t. Either it’ll be any good or it won’t. Why get so worked up about a Michael Bay movie?

Come on, guys, relax. Remember what the lady said:

Hey, who did Michael Bay cast as Sam Bacile?