Spotted: Bill and Hillary Clinton Get Shout-Out At U2 Concert

Heather Hunter Contributor
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Bill and Hillary Clinton had a date night Friday evening at U2’s Madison Square Garden concert.

U2 fans went nuts on social media when they discovered the presidential candidate and former president were sitting among them.

Daily Mail reports:

On Friday night, lead singer Bono gave a shout out to ‘the 42nd president’, Bill Clinton, for helping to negotiate peace in the 1990s in the band’s native Ireland.

Bono went on to praise the former president and his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton – who is running for president – for their efforts in fighting Aids.

Both Hillary and Bill were at the concert, along with a whole host of celebrities, including Bruce Springsteen, Scarlett Johannsson, Winona Ryder and Helena Christensen.

In the past few years, Bono has helped with the Clinton Global Initiative. Bill Clinton joked in 2013 on CNN about the impersonations he and his longtime friend Bono have done of each other.


While the Clintons are friends with Bono, they are not alone on the campaign trail for having the cool factor of Bono being their friend.

Ohio Governor and GOP presidential hopeful John Kasich has long been touting his friendship with U2’s lead singer.

In June, Jimmy Fallon mocked Kasich in a montage of how much Kasich brings up his “good friend Bono” to everyone.

Former Pennsylvania Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Rick Santorum also has not been shy about his friend Bono.

Santorum received a shout-out from Bono in 2012 during a New York City concert.

In July, Santorum appeared on the Fox News Channel show “Outnumbered” and talked about how he has worked with Bono for years to help fight the AIDS epidemic.

When asked whether Bono lets him use his songs on the campaign trail, Santorum dismissed the question.

“I’ve never asked him. The relationship is one that I tremendously respect the work that he does in the world and I don’t take advantage of people who do really good things. I just appreciate the friendship.”