CNN Correspondent: Scott Walker’s Biggest Weakness Is ‘Answering Questions’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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CNN correspondent Brianna Keilar told CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday 2016 Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker’s biggest weakness is “answering questions,” while participating in a round-table discussion on “State of the Union.”

KEILAR: Let’s talk big picture Scott Walker here. It speaks to what I think may be one of the biggest problems of his candidacy, and that is answering questions… This question that he answered here about whether the president is a Christian — and he says he is, he goes to Christian church — this isn’t the first time that he’s sort of messed up this question, at the very least bumbling through this question, the answer to this question. Back in February he was asked about this, but it’s not just on this issue. In February, he was asked about evolution, he was asked about foreign affairs, and he outright said he was punting on them. This is a weakness he will have to confront if he wants to be a very serious candidate.

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