Hillary Defends Planned Parenthood In New Campaign Video [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton is defending Planned Parenthood from what she says is a “full-on” Republican assault on women’s health in a campaign ad released Monday.

“Republicans like Scott Walker and Jeb Bush are calling to defund Planned Parenthood, the country’s leading provider of reproductive health care,” Clinton says in the new ad. “And they are joined by Republicans in Congress who will not waste a minute in voting to make that happen.”

“If this feels like a full-on assault on women’s health, that’s because it is,” the Democratic front-runner added.

The campaign spot comes after the recent release of four videos from the pro-life Center for Medical Progress which show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the sale of aborted babies’ organs and tissue. The release of the videos has led many lawmakers and Republican presidential candidates to call for cutting federal funding for the organization. Others have called for Congress to investigate.

Though Clinton said during an interview last week that she had seen pictures from the videos and found them “disturbing,” the new campaign video indicates her support for the group has not diminished. In 2009, then-Sec. of State Clinton received Planned Parenthood’s annual Margaret Sanger award, named after the group’s founder.

In Monday’s ad, Clinton said that the “attacks” against Planned Parenthood aren’t new and are “more of the same.”

“When politicians talk about defunding Planned Parenthood, they’re talking about blocking millions of women, men and young people from life-saving preventive care,” she said. “Cancer screenings, breast exams, birth control. They’re talking about cutting people off from the health care provider they know and trust.”


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