This Republican Just Dropped The Monica Lewinsky Card

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham dropped the night’s only Monica Lewinsky reference during a Voters First Forum Monday evening in New Hampshire.

The South Carolina senator drew modest laughs at the forum, where 14 Republican candidates (minus Donald Trump) showed up to answer two rounds of specific questions live on a local television station.

“I’m fluent in Clinton speak,” Graham said. “When Bill says I didn’t have sex with that woman, it means he did.”

Graham went on to offer other examples of hypocritical “Clinton-speak,” including Hillary Clinton’s position on a natural gas pipeline and her inability to disclose her emails.

Graham, a darkhorse candidate in the race, focused mainly in his remarks on foreign policy, saying, “We get walked all over. I’m tired of it.”

Graham proposed exporting natural gas to Europe to undermine Vladimir Putin’s European oil monopoly, and said, “To radical Islam, here is my policy: whatever it takes, as long as it takes, to defeat you.”

Graham made of one of the night’s two references to Ronald Reagan’s working relationship with Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill, jokingly crediting their success to having a drink with each other first.

“Maybe we should drink more in Washington,” Graham said.

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