ELECTIONS 2016: Unexpected Candidate Surges In Minnesota Polls

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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In a poll released Tuesday by “Public Policy Polling,” registered Independent candidate “Deez Nutz” has surged to 8% among Minnesota voters.


Per Public Policy Polling:

‘89% say they have no opinion about them either way. Among those few who are familiar with Deez Nuts, only 3% rate them favorably to 8% who have an unfavorable opinion. Nevertheless 8% say they would support Deez Nuts for President, to 41% for Hillary Clinton and 36% for Donald Trump. When you look at how supporters of Deez Nuts split in a head to head between Clinton and Trump 25% are for Clinton, 15% are for Trump, and 60% are undecided.’

There you have it, folks. Even if Republicans can’t rally behind a strong candidate, Hillary will still have trouble going toe-to-toe with “Deez Nuts.”

[h/t: Public Policy Polling]

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