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If Donald Trump Wins, BuzzFeed Will Force McKay Coppins To Cover The White House

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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BuzzFeed political reporter McKay Coppins, the biggest doubting Thomas of them all when it came to a Donald Trump candidacy, has a terrific new beat awaiting him should Trump win the White House.

Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton has all but promised that he will do everything in his power to shove Coppins into the White House beat.

Coupons wrote a 2014 profile on Trump’s phony candidacy — a story that got Trump aide Sam Nunberg fired for the first time. Nunberg was rehired but has since been fired a second time for mostly incoherent, racially toned tweets.

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Coppins is already making certain demands should this happen.

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Coppins clearly has Trump on his mind as Thursday’s debate nears:

“The one thing that makes me think Trump may actually show up to this debate polished and prepared is that he’s playing the expectations game,” he wrote on Twitter. “Like, some adviser has convinced Trump to cool it w/ the ‘I’m the best/greatest/sexiest’ stuff and downplay expectations for his performance. Theoretically, that same adviser could convince Trump to practice for the debate, memorize some actual facts, and come semi-prepared. (On the other hand, the minute Donald Trump starts acting like a normal candidate/human being, half his supporters will wander off bored.)”

BuzzFeed‘s current White House correspondent is Evan McMorris-Santoro. No reason why Coppins can’t join him, although he’ll have to move to Washington.

You can bet a future President Trump could have a nickname or two for Coppins.