Rand Paul: We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood; ‘It’s Only About Abortion’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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In a taped interview that aired on Fox Tuesday, presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul told Bill Hemmer Planned Parenthood is “only about abortion,” and that not “one penny ever needs to go,” the million dollar lobby.

Planned Parenthood is “not objective, and they are not telling you the truth.” the medical doctor stated. The United States has recently “doubled the amount of money,” the government provides to community centers that, unlike Planned Parenthood, actually provide on-site health services to women, instead of “referring you to a real doctor or community health center.”

PAUL: I think this is bigger issue than just abortion. This is about taxpayer funding of a gruesome procedure, not just any old abortion, but an abortion of a fully formed baby where the baby is being manipulated and turned around to harvest the baby’s organs. I think it’s particularly horrific, and I think everybody should have voted against this. I’ll continue to vote against this funding. There’s no reason in the world we have to fund Planned Parenthood at all. Everything they do is all ready done by another government agency and community health centers. We have 9,000 community health centers. There’s no reason one penny ever needs to go to Planned Parenthood… Planned Parenthood is this huge lobby. It gives millions of dollars to Democrats. It uses millions of dollars to fight against Republicans. They are not objective, and they are not telling you the truth. The truth is women’s health is taken care of by community health centers by $5,000,000,000. We’ve doubled the amount of money we put into women’s health care through government, and so it’s just an absurd argument to say we need Planned Parenthood. It’s only about abortion… There are plenty of avenues to go to for women’s health care. Planned Parenthood doesn’t even do what they say they’ll do. They end up referring you to a real doctor or a community health center.   


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