Michael Brown’s Mother Says She’ll Never Forgive ‘Devil’ Darren Wilson [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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As the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown nears, his mother says that she will never forgive Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo. cop who killed him.

Asked in a new interview with Al Jazeera America what comes to mind when she thinks of Wilson now, Lesley McSpadden, Brown’s mother, said: “the devil…Evil.”

McSpadden also said that she believes that the government — including the U.S. Department of Justice — engaged in a cover-up in order to protect Wilson, who recently gave an extensive interview to The New Yorker.

Wilson, who is white, shot Brown multiple times on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb shortly after an encounter in the middle of a street near where Brown lived. Minutes before Wilson and Brown crossed paths, the 18-year-old and a friend who was with him had committed a strong-arm robbery for a box of cigars at a nearby convenience store.

Wilson, now 29, initially asked Brown and his companion to move out of the middle of the street. After a verbal back-and-forth, Wilson backed his cruiser up to where Brown was standing. That’s when witnesses say they saw Brown lean into Wilson’s cruiser and punch him. Evidence also suggested that Brown reached for Wilson’s service weapon, which discharged inside of the vehicle.

Brown bolted from the door of Wilson’s cruiser and the officer pursued while calling for back-up. Brown turned around at some point and began moving towards Wilson. Witnesses have given conflicting accounts of whether Brown was walking or running towards Wilson, who struck Brown with six bullets.

A St. Louis County grand jury declined to indict Wilson. The Justice Department, which investigated the case at the urging of President Obama and then-Attorney General Eric Holder, also found that he did not break the law.

McSpadden disagrees emphatically with the decision and with how her son was portrayed in the media.

Asked during the interview what she thought of the convenience store surveillance tape which showed Brown manhandling a store clerk before stealing a package of cigars, McSpadden said that she believes that the “full incident of what happened in the store” was not aired and that it was a “distraction” to give Wilson cover for the shooting.

Asked if she believed that there was a cover-up involved, McSpadden said “of course.” Asked who was involved, McSpadden said, “well, I would say the government.” Asked if she thought the Justice Department was in on the cover-up, McSpadden said she believed it was.

In his interview with The New Yorker, Wilson did not offer an apology for the shooting.

“Do I think about who he was as a person? Not really, because it doesn’t matter at this point,” Wilson said. “Do I think he had the best upbringing? No. Not at all.”

McSpadden reacted in the Al Jazeera America interview calling the New Yorker profile a “a waste of an interview, a waste of air.”

“[Wilson’s] a waste of space,” she said, adding that “he is beneath me, and what he’s talking about he has no idea about my life at all.”

McSpadden and Brown’s father, Michael Brown, Sr., are suing Wilson and the city of Ferguson for $75,000 over the shooting.


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