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“Can’t unthink this.”

Politico‘s Glenn Thrush on Chris Christie‘s admission that he has used other forms of birth control besides the rhythm method.

You’ll never believe what’s happening with Montel Williams 

“For some reason the 4th Estate has been curious about my ‘Twitter Strategy’ I think that’s hilarious.”

— activist and former talk show host Montel Williams.

President Obama goes out for birthday dinner…

“Obama’s birthday dinner is at Rose’s Luxury. He doesn’t seem to be waiting in line.” — Politico‘s Edward-Isaac Dovere.

“Happy birthday, @POTUS! Hopefully when @FLOTUS isn’t looking you can have some cake. #44turns54” — Former President Bill Clinton.

Some journal are unimpressed…

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Journo prays to God for a certain presidential ticket

“Dear God, I ask but one thing of you for the year 2016: Biden v. Trump for president.” — Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics.


“I did hot yoga for the first time yesterday. I have felt worn down, sick and genuinely awful since. I am never doing that again. Ever. My friend told me it helped her calm down and made her more bendy. Gave it a try. Deeply regret it.” — Stephanie Haberman, audience engagement editor, Sports Illustrated.


“Life. One second you’re attempting to pan sear bison burgers. The next you’re on your way to urgent care. Lesson: Bison should go extinct.” — James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, CNBC Contributor.

Uh oh. 

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Have a nose for trending a desire to ruin your weekends? 

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