Honest Animal Lovers Versus Dishonest Animal Deniers

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“A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.”

Really think about that one for a moment if you dare. Those are the words of the animal rights and anti-hunting hero/guru/devil Ingrid Newkirk. And she means it, as do her zombie-like, soulless, criminal followers and fellow scam artists.

Equating the life of a human being with creatures we slaughter and eat on an hourly basis across the planet must surely represent the ongoing criminality of political correctness gone berserk.

The French eat horses. Asians eat cats and dogs. Africans eat lions and elephants. I eat lamb and Bambi. Andrew Zimmern eats squirrel brains. Intestines are soul food. Get over it.

When asked whether she would save a drowning child or a dog, this subhuman monster and leader of Peta and the Humane Society of the United States casually expressed uncertainty, once again devaluing human life to that of a pet.

Meanwhile all my hunting buddies and I along with all educated, thinking people around the world believe that wildlife is indeed a precious renewable resource to which we have a profound stewardship responsibility to maintain and manage in the asset column instead of the liability column. To us, human life is sacred, while animal life is to be respected and utilized in a responsible manner, exactly like our heroes Cochise and Geronimo did.

We are appalled at the insane uproar over the Zimbabwean lion kill. Much like the dishonesty of the “black lives matter” hysteria, the only reason people are overreacting to this kill is due to the fact that this particular lion was given a name and a spotlight. All those thousands and thousands of lions, leopards, bears and other animals killed in the exact same legal manner during the essential and legal annual harvest of these surplus critters apparently didn’t matter so much.

And clearly the “black lives matter” gang of liars could care less about the daily slaughter of blacks in Chicago, New York, Newark, Detroit, South Central, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, St Louis and elsewhere. Not a peep.

The dumbing down of humankind has never been more graphic and offensive and downright embarrassing.

Hunting lions in this manner is perfectly legal and proven to be essential across Africa. Like putting worms on hooks to “lure” fish and duck decoys to “lure” mallards, in order to harvest these dangerous livestock-and-people-killing surplus lions and leopards, this is the historically proven methodology — how all those other lions were killed, yet no one complained about any of that.

This might not be something a city kid will ever understand, but villagers in Africa do, so the city kids should just shut up and go about their safe air conditioned lives of denial and stay out of Africans’ lives with their presumptuous comfortably numb “Bambi” nonsense.

The lion (I refuse to call him by a human name) was killed on legal hunting grounds outside the Hwange Park, because like all finite habitat, such areas can only support so much wildlife and the surplus must be harvested annually as a valuable, huntable, commodity, or said habitat will be destroyed in short order.

Does anyone actually believe that the sustain yield, habitat carrying capacity science does not apply to lions and giraffes like it does for deer and elk? Really?

Though photographs prove and nobody can possibly claim the radio telemetry collar was visible on this lion, the jury is indeed still out on what happened to the collar after the kill. This important wildlife monitoring technology is utilized and paid for mostly by hunting revenues to help manage wildlife for optimal health and balance.

Again, how ignorant does one have to be to not know this?

Dictated by laws conceived and written by hunters and the biologists we hire and enforced with hunting revenues, wonton waste is never tolerated and every speck of sacred and cherished protein, bone, sinew, body fluids, skin, teeth, fangs and claws must be utilized. This is commonsense except for uneducated or foolish people.

Evidence already shows that Zimbabwean villagers are not upset at all by the killing of this lion, but are upset that the annual increase in lion numbers that threaten their lives and livestock may not be properly managed with proper harvests due to the ignorant, emotional overreaction to this standard procedure.

Only people who live with lions should dictate lion policy.

A lion is a deer is a giraffe is an elk.

Write that down. Wildlife biology 101 has brought back the healthiest thriving populations of deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, wild sheep and goats, muskox, bear, cougar, turkey, geese and other game animals in North America due to the simple and proven regulated hunting season that guarantees their value and prosperity.

Where hunting is regulated, wildlife thrives. Where it is banned there is no money for game departments, game wardens, radio telemetry, jeeps, helicopters or anti-poaching forces, and wildlife suffers and is often decimated.

You have to pick one, and when you do, you will show whether wildlife matters to you or only those with cute names.

Lion; the other white meat. Get over it.