Jindal: I’ll Send Every Agency I Can After Planned Parenthood

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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CLEVELAND — A President Bobby Jindal won’t stop at sending just the IRS after Planned Parenthood — he’d send every agency he can after the abortion provider.

“I will use every tool at my disposal to go after Planned Parenthood,” Jindal told reporters in the “Spin Room” following Thursday evening’s undercard GOP debate. “What they’ve done is barbaric.”

“I believe they have violated the law,” Jindal declared. “They say they are a not for profit organization, yet these videos seem to be focused on profits,” he said, referring to an explosive series of undercover videos that show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the price of fetal organs.

Jindal declared during the debate that, if president, he would use the IRS to go after the group.

He took that claim a step farther when he got to the Spin Room.

“Absolutely I think it’s appropriate for the IRS, for the Department of Justice — if I can send the EPA or any other agency, I’ll send them after Planned Parenthood as well,” Jindal declared to a group of stunned reporters.

Jindal’s threat to use the IRS quickly caught fire on social media Thursday evening, with critics citing President Richard Nixon’s use of the agency to harass his political enemies.

Jindal framed his threat as necessary to prevent barbarism.

“They better hope that Hillary Clinton wins, because under President Jindal — come January 2017 — not only are we going to defund Planned Parenthood, we’re gonna make sure they’re not breaking the law, they’re not engaging in barbaric practices,” Jindal said.

He remarked that the undercover videos should stir all Americans: “I hope they would shock the conscience of a nation.”

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