O’Malley To Tapper: ‘This Is The Democratic Party Not The World Wrestling Federation’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley compared the Democratic Party to the World Wrestling Federation in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday.

O’Malley was blasting away at the DNC’s limited debate schedule saying, “Our party would be much better served by a full schedule of debates.” O’Malley agreed with Tapper’s assessment of the DNC, “Rigging the process and stacking the deck for Hillary Clinton.” 

Jake Tapper: Governor O’Malley, thanks so much for being here. Some very strong words from your campaign today about the DNC debates, your senior strategist saying in a press release that the DNC rules mandating only six debates and banning candidates who participate in any other non-official debates makes the process less democratic, your campaign says? Seems geared toward limiting debate and facilitating a coronation, presumably of Hillary Clinton, with the appearance of rigging the process and stacking the deck in favor of a chosen candidate? That’s all the language from your campaign. Governor, do you think the DNC is rigging the process and stacking the deck for Hillary Clinton?

Martin O’Malley: Yes, I do, and I think that the country and our party would be much better served by a full schedule of debates. Tonight we are going to hear the Republican candidates have their debate. Uhh, we have yet to have any debates until today that were even scheduled in our party. So look, we are going to be best served as a country and as a party by a robust discussion of the issues and the actions we need to take, in order to may our economy work again for all of us, to get wages to go up rather than down. The good news is, our party actually has ideas. Our party actually has solutions. Their party does not, and I think we’re hurting yourselves if we try to circle the wagons and limit debate — I mean what is this, the World Wrestling Federation? This is the Democratic Party! And we need to have democratic debates about the solutions…