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BuzzFeed Reporter Refuses To Answer Any More Trump Questions, But How About Just This Last One?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CLEVELAND–We’re standing in the Spin Room of the Cleveland debate when I approach a small cluster of reporters.

A typically smiling BuzzFeed political reporter McKay Coppins soon gets this total look of weariness when I start to ask my question. He unfortunately knows where this is going.

“So what if Donald Trump asked you to serve in his administration, would you do it?”

Coppins wrote a biting profile last year of The Donald that got one of his press aides, Sam Nunberg, fired (the first time). The profile depicted Trump as a total faker, a phony who was pretending to run for a political office but would never seal the deal.

This year, Trump not only sealed his candidacy for president, but he’s winning in the polls and making the BuzzFeed story look foolish.

Coppins covered his eyes with his hands.

“I’ve reached my quota,” he told The Mirror.

But his colleagues have not.

Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton all but promised that if Trump wins he’d do everything in his power to ensure that Coppins becomes a White House reporter.

We’ll check back with Coppins if a President Trump starts to organize the West Wing.

But getting Trump on board with a Coppins hire could prove to be difficult. In December of 2014, The Mirror asked if he ever thinks about Coppins and the profile.

“He’s just another phony guy,” he said. And again: “He’s just a phony guy.”