Teacher Shows Up To High School Drunk, Tries To Make Rehab Dash IN HER CAR

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For the second consecutive year, a public school teacher in Oklahoma has been arrested for allegedly showing up drunk during her first week back on campus.

On the bright side, this year’s suspected drunken teacher in Oklahoma was wearing pants. Unlike, say, last year.

This year’s teacher is Rebecca Daniels, reports Oklahoma City NBC affiliate KFOR-TV.

Daniels, 55, is a science teacher at Emerson Alternative Education High School in Oklahoma City.

The arrest occurred on Tuesday morning after an official at Emerson Alternative spotted Daniels sitting inside her car after class hours began.

The official approached Daniels to ask her if she would be teaching classes. Daniels tried to get out of the car. She couldn’t stand or walk so well, the official said.

Another administrator said the science teacher’s breath smelled of alcohol and she was slurring her speech.

School officials contacted police asking for an officer to perform a sobriety test.

Once police arrived and conducted the test, Daniels had made an important life decision.

“I’m leaving in my vehicle to go to rehab,” the science teacher said at one point, according to police.

Daniels did not make it to rehab. Instead, police arrested her for public drunkenness and booked her into jail. She has since posted bond.

“We are extremely disappointed by these allegations and want to be clear that the teacher was never around any students because she did not enter the school building during this incident,” an Oklahoma City school district spokesman said in a statement obtained by KFOR.

Daniels, an employee of the school district since 2011, has been suspended. It’s not clear if she is still receiving her salary.

For local reaction, Oklahoma City CBS affiliate KWTV interviewed Erin Cook, a neighbor of Daniels.

“It’s just kind of shocking, you know, to hear this,” Cook said. I wish her the best and hopefully she gets the help that she needs because it sounds like that’s probably what needs to happen.”

Last year at this time — to the day, in fact — a high school teacher in rural Oklahoma showed up on her first day of work drunk and wearing no pants, according to police.

The 2014 incident occurred at Wagoner High School, about 40 miles east of Tulsa. Two other teachers found Lorie Ann Hill, 49, in a depantsed state, in a classroom she claimed was her own. (RELATED: Back To School: High School Teacher Shows Up On First Day Drunk, WITHOUT PANTS)

Despite Hill’s admission that she may have started her day off with a dollop of vodka, police said they likely didn’t have enough evidence for a drinking-and-driving conviction because no witnesses saw Hill drinking or driving.

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