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Watch These Good Little Japanese Children Harass And Beat Up A Robot

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The fight against Skynet rages on. First, an unknown American hero in Philadelphia destroyed a “friendly” hitchhiking robot. Now some unexpected allies are joining the battle: adorable lil’ Japanese kids.

Recently, a team of Japanese researchers placed a “polite” robot in a shopping mall in Osaka. The robot was programmed to ask anyone obstructing its path to move aside. If that didn’t happen, the robot would go the other way.

Nice try, you mechanical bastard.

These kids know what’s up. They don’t take orders from robots. They recognize a threat to human existence when they see one. They know there’s nothing humane about allowing these things to infiltrate our society without a fight.

Fighting back against a robot is not “abuse.” It’s just plain common sense. You can program it to run, but it can’t hide.

When these scientists get what they want and the Terminators try to wipe us out, our only hope will be the children. Lead us, John Connor!

(Hat tip: Instapundit)