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Sam Nunberg: It Was ‘So Gracious’ Of Mr. Trump To Wait Two Days To Fire Me

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Twice fired Donald Trump advisor Sam Nunberg should be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for uttering Trump’s name the most amount of times in one sentence.

While Trump was making the rounds on the Sunday morning political programs, Nunberg, who was recently fired for a second time by the GOP presidential hopeful, could be heard on AM 970 “The Answer” radio program. Host Frank Morano addressed Nunberg’s statements about the old Facebook posts that got him canned, including calling MSNBC host Al Sharpton‘s daughter the N-word, which he vehemently claims he didn’t write.

What was it like to work for “Mr. Trump?” (This is the the deferential, beyond ass kissing, title all Trump aides use relentlessly when talking about the billionaire real estate mogul and GOP presidential frontrunner.)

Nunberg’s award winning sentence: Count ’em. SIX MR. TRUMPS.

“Mr. Trump is Mr. Trump and what Mr. Trump says Mr. Trump says,” said Nunberg, sounding like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. “For anything anybody else to say to become an issue for Mr. Trump, you know, Mr. Trump makes the decisions himself.”

His job involved giving Trump suggestions. And by the way, if there was a non-disclosure agreement in place, this ex-aide went out of his to not violate it.

“I had worked on policy matters and I would say, uh, messaging,” Nunberg said, explaining his campaign post. “But nobody puts words into Mr. Trump’s mouth, and nobody puts thoughts into his head. I was giving suggestions. I was giving suggestions. I would also say I was working on social conservative outreach.”

Nunberg continues to deny that the Facebook posts in question were indeed his. “I still deny them,” he said. “Excuse me. I deny the egregious racist one to Al Sharpton.”

The ex-aide said his big error was not deleting his Facebook account.

“I do not use Facebook ever,” he said. “This was a rookie mistake by me. As somebody who does opposition research, as somebody who has taken people out himself, to keep these Facebook posts up, it’s ironic. I just hadn’t taken down my Facebook.”

So how is Nunberg feeling about Trump now? Like Roger Stone, another campaign aide who was recently fired (or he resigned, whoever you want to believe), he speaks glowingly about his former boss. Who knows when or if Nunberg will work for Trump again, but it’s obviously not an impossible prospect.

“I’m not upset at all with Mr. Trump,” he said. “In fact, it was so gracious of Mr. Trump to even take a couple days to think about this. If you would think about anybody else, the relationship I had with him and what he thinks of my ability, the fact that he took more than an hour or 15 minutes … I should have resigned immediately and it would have let this episode just stop.”

He added, “What I would say, talking about Sharpton’s daughter is what got me fired. Mr. Sharpton has forgiven me. He has also commended Mr. Trump for firing me.”

And with a laugh: “Life is so strange. Fired by Mr. Trump. Forgiven by Rev. Sharpton.”

The radio host questioned the concept of Trump firing anyone at this point.

Nunberg wasn’t having it.

“Any candidate can fire anyone for anything,” he said. “I’m not going to question Mr. Trump. I want to say how much I respect him, how I hope he’s the nominee, how I hope he continues to change the conversation and change the dynamics of the race.”

With two firings in recent days, the radio host wanted to know if the Trump campaign is falling apart.

“I don’t believe the campaign is in disarray,” said Nunberg.

And then, as if he were talking about a hotel room or a bottle of champagne, he said, “Mr. Trump has high end staffers within the campaign. …I think he will be in very good hands. The campaign is not about the people who work on the campaign.”

The host concluded with a warning about Nunberg.

“Lock up your daughters, he’s on Twitter,” Morano joked, having shared earlier that the former aide to Mr. Trump is a friend of the show.