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Sanity Prevails: Zimbabwe Lifts Hunting Ban

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I’m glad Cecil the Lion was taken out before he could kill again. If you’re sad and angry about a dumb lion getting what he deserved, here’s some news that will make you even sadder and angrier.

Alexander Smith, NBC News:

Zimbabwe has lifted a ban on big-game hunting after less than two weeks after the death of Cecil the lion, officials told NBC News on Monday.

The country suspended hunting on August 1 in the area surrounding Hwange National Park. This was where Cecil was killed by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer with a bow in an incident that provoked international outrage.

Just 10 days after the moratorium was imposed, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said it had been be axed across most of that area.

Good. Two weeks was far too long for people to wait to be able to kill a lion. Just think about all those innocent gazelles and wildebeests and stuff who had to pay the price for mankind’s hubris. Did they deserve to die just because a few morons haz a sad over Cecil the Lion?

Lions are dumb. It took a while, but now I hate them even more than pandas. Drop dead, lions.