Walker Strives To Pick Up Momentum On Campaign Trail

REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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ROCK HILL, S.C.—Wisconsin Gov. and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker appears frustrated by the media’s focus on fellow Republican candidate and New York businessman Donald Trump.

“I’m sick and tired of the media talking about the guy standing in the middle of the stage the other day,” Walker said to attendees at the American Legion Frank Roach Post 34.

The campaign stop was part of Walker’s presidential campaign tour through the Palmetto state Sunday following his remarks in Atlanta at the Red State Gathering. Walker, who stood next to Trump at the first GOP presidential primary debate, declined to criticize him, since Trump went after Fox News Channel host and one of the moderators of the debate Megyn Kelly. Trump claims Kelly treated him unfairly during the debate.

Walker, who shot up to the top of Republican primary polls, dropped since Trump climbed to the top and the Wisconsin governor’s quiet demeanor compared to the candid New Yorker that many base voters are attracted to seems to be losing some of his initial momentum.

When asked by The Daily Caller Sunday if he was concerned that his campaign was slowing down, he replied, “No not at all. I think in the end—I happen to be from Wisconsin but Aaron Rodgers was the MVP in the NFL last year. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t trash talk his opponents.”

Walker went further, saying, “He lets his words speak on the field and I think people look at our record and they look at the facts and realize that of all of the candidates, I’m the only one who has fought and won and actually got results out of it and did it without compromising principles,” he said, adding, “I think in the, end, we’ll ultimately win. A lot of the media—they want a lot of smash and trash talk of Republicans. I’m not going to attack Republicans. I’m going to go after…Hillary Clinton.”

Walker’s restraint on attacking GOP candidates, though, has not stopped Trump from going after Walker and his record in Wisconsin. Trump slammed Walker over two weeks ago for mismanaging the Badger state’s budget and said that Walker is ahead of him in the key state of Iowa only because Wisconsin is next door.

“A little advantage, right?” Trump said. “Except Wisconsin is doing terribly.”

Republican presidential candidates will be debating each other again in Los Angeles at a CNN hosted forum in September.