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With Charges Pending, HuffPost’s Ryan Reilly Tussles With Police

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Amid charges of trespassing in St. Louis County, HuffPost reporter Ryan Reilly got into a scuffle with Ferguson cops Monday night.

“A @stlcountypd tried to grab me and snatched my press badge this evening,” he wrote on Twitter. “…As those who watch my livestream know, I politely and quickly obeyed every order I received from an officer tonight. If it wasn’t clear from that video, I was attempting to show my badge. He ripped it off my neck.”

Reilly even has the video to show for it.

Is he gutsy or stupid for throwing himself into the fray with charges pending?

A year after an incident in a Ferguson McDonald’s, St. Louis County has filed charges against Reilly and WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery, who is also in Ferguson this week for the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death.

Reilly’s Twitter feed is riddled with news and video footage of his latest interaction with police.

BuzzFeed social media reporter Brandon Wall posted the footage.

“I’m media, I’m media, I’m media,” Ryan is heard shouting with his arms placed behind his back in a submissive body position.

Watch here.