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Canadian Parliamentary Candidate Has Craziest Campaign Ad In A While

Let’s say you’re a Canadian. (Yeah, I know, I know. Just bear with me.) And let’s say you want to run for Parliament, which is what they have up there, apparently. Pretty dull stuff, right? As if politics wasn’t boring enough already, they let Canadians do it!

Cast your ignorant prejudices aside, you bigots. Here’s what an ambitious politician can accomplish these days with a copy of After Effects, a Tim & Eric box set, and a headful of BC bud:

Hey, his policies don’t make any sense, so why should his campaign ads?

Wyatt Scott is running as an independent, which is good because I’m not sure what their political parties are. I’m even less sure that it matters. But if I was stuck living in Canada, I’d vote for this bro. Why not? He couldn’t possibly make things any worse.

Um, let’s see… Bob & Doug, Tim Hortons, America’s Hat… Nah, I’m not really excited about insulting you anymore today, Canada. Wyatt Scott just won you a reprieve.

(Hat tip: Jason Tabrys)