Carly Fiorina And Ben Carson Is The Ticket

William Kelly Former SeaBee

From Fox News’ record viewership of GOP candidates competing for the 2016 White House, two private sector contenders stole the event. A third blasted himself out of contention.

Government participants used standard arguments and cures steeped in regulation, rules, union battles, trimming entitlements, etc. Two debaters did not.

Among towering males petite Carly Fiorina shocked onlookers and candidates with sound, precise solutions to America’s worst problems using free enterprise principles and techniques plus savvy gained in her restoration of Hewlett-Packard.

In the other, prime-time debate was a globally admired physician, Dr. Ben Carson. He is soft spoken, upbeat, humorous and pragmatic. His scarcity of time was unfortunate since his holistic views on major problems were common sense prescriptions for America’s major ills. His goals for a restored America are those of the founders.

His family history, working from slums to success define the American dream.

These two candidates will reverse most all the current administration’s neutering of America and restore her to the basic settings defined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They will apply private industry thinking versus big government.

Ms. Fiorina will demolish Ms. Clinton in any debate. Dr. Carson’s intelligence and ability to analyze problems to their root cause with real world solutions is ideal for the vice-president role.

They will become the first female president and first black vice-president of the United States. It positions Dr. Carson for a historical record.

President Obama is not the first black president of the United States, contrary to popular belief. He has optimized that powerful claim for influence both foreign and domestic. The pay for play game common inside the beltway upholds his clout which includes black leadership and followers, special  interest movements and individuals, etc. all dependent upon White House clout.

President Obama ingratiated himself among black citizens which are 13 percent of America’s population. He battles with companies, organizations, investors, financial industry, etc. most all owned or managed by whites. They make up 73 percent of the population.

Obama’s father was black and his mother white. He is mixed-race. Ben Carson is black and proud of it. History cannot be denied. Is it time for a real black president?