‘Wheaties’ Tries To Stay Relevant, Hops Into The Craft Beer Industry

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

Like Bruce Jenner, Wheaties is in the middle of making a major transition.

According to Ad Age, the General Mills cereal brand has partnered with the Minneapolis-based Fulton brewery and will start selling “HefeWheaties,” a German-style wheat beer.

“We were intrigued from the get-go on this idea for many reasons, including that we’re both Minneapolis companies, and that the beer and the cereal both started from the same place in terms of raw ingredients and the same city,” said Fulton’s president Ryan Petz. Additionally, David Oehler — Wheaties’ marketing manager called the project a, “true partnership between Wheaties and Fulton. Both teams were passionate about this project and got to work quickly.”

HefeWheaties will be sold on a trial run in the Minneapolis-Twin Cities metro area before the company decides whether or not to take it national.

[h/t: Ad Age]

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