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American Hero Tears Down Confederate Flag, Gets Arrested By Racist Cops

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Still don’t believe that flags cause violence? Think again.

WTAQ in Racine, WI:

A Racine man has pleaded not guilty to pushing a woman, and forcing his way into her house to remove her Confederate flag from a window.

37-year-old Tajuan Boatner is charged with five misdemeanor counts of battery, theft, trespassing, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Prosecutors say Boatner politely asked the woman to remove her Confederate flag from a kitchen window last Friday. She moved it to another window, and they started arguing.

Authorities said the woman called Boatner a racial slur, and he pushed her down and walked in her house to remove the flag.

WITI, Milwaukee:

She had a Confederate flag and she called somebody a racial slur for asking her to take it down? And now the black guy is in jail for it? Typical.

Don’t give me that “private property” nonsense. The Confederate flag’s mind-control rays don’t just magically stop at the property line. It makes people do bad things no matter where it is. This man was perfectly within his rights to take it down, and the white man’s police department has no right to hold him against his will.

Black lives matter. Free Tajuan Boatner!

P.S. Upon further consideration, I’m not sure we should even use the name of that evil flag anymore. But calling it “the C-word flag” would be confusing, because of the other C-word. “That racist flag” would hardly narrow it down. Hmmmm. What’s the least offensive term for the C********** flag?