Chuck Todd: Biden Believes He Can Run A Better Campaign Than Hillary [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Chuck Todd says Joe Biden “doesn’t believe” Hillary Clinton has “been running a good campaign” and “he believes he could run a better campaign.”

“Meet the Press” host Todd appeared on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” Thursday and stated the “Democratic Party, the party of younger voters, has the oldest slate of candidates.”

Andrea Mitchell: And do you think that it becomes more likely as Hillary Clinton has problems with the e-mail, has to turn over the server, the FBI investigation, does that have an impact?

Chuck Todd: I think you have to, we can’t crawl inside his head. I can just tell you based on conversations that I know he’s had with people, he doesn’t believe she’s been running a good campaign and he doesn’t believe, and he believes he could run a better campaign than her. But he’s also realistic. He doesn’t know whether the Democratic Party will come nominate him even if he runs a better campaign than she does over her and that’s an impediment right now.

Mitchell: And as Howard Dean said on the “Today” show this morning he thinks it’s a younger electorate and that Joe Biden has sort of missed his chance, presumably what Dean would say is that she, as the woman candidate, has something to offer historically, that Joe Biden can’t.

Todd: It is amazing though if he gets in, the three leading candidates, no one will be younger than 67, I believe. And certainly nobody younger than only one candidate would be younger than 70 if they took over, if they became president, that’s Hillary Clinton at the time that she would get sworn in. I mean the Democratic Party, the party of younger voters, has the oldest slate of candidates.