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Hillary’s Email Scandal: Here Are All The Things She Hasn’t Lied About

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Wow, the teabaggers sure are obsessed with all the things Hillary Clinton has said that aren’t true. They’re nitpicking over her every little utterance, as if it proves anything!

Check out wingnut supreme Mary Katharine Ham over at Hot Air:

Perhaps now Chris Matthews will understand why Carly Fiorina feels secure saying Hillary Clinton is lying about her e-mails. It’s because pretty much everything she’s said about her e-mail situation has turned out not to be true. She didn’t only use one device. She didn’t turn over everything work-related. She didn’t mostly send e-mails to government employees so they were immediately archived. She didn’t avoid classified information in corresponding over her private e-mail account. The classified information found by IGs in her relinquished e-mails was not classified after the fact but when she sent it. Oh, and there was a subpoena.

Yeah. Well.

Okay, fine, maybe Hillary’s story hasn’t been completely consistent. Maybe there are a few minor problems. These things happen when you’re a grandma, you know? Your memory starts to go and you say all sorts of stuff. What, you’ve never made a mistake in your whole life?

Instead of focusing on the negative, how about we take a look at all the things Hillary hasn’t lied about?

Alright. Here we go:


This won’t convince the vast right-wing conspiracy, of course, but I trust it will put the matter to rest among those of us with brains in our heads.

By the way, did you know Hillary Clinton is a woman? She’s a woman. You should vote for her because we’ve never had a president who’s a woman. She would be the first. Don’t you want to be a part of history?

Or maybe you hate women?