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Quote of the Day:

“At 1:00pm Mr. Trump will proceed into the fair for meet and greet. He will be seeing the butter cow.”

Donald Trump press release.

Journalist goes on dumb college tour 

“Went on a college tour today. Won’t name the institution, because guide, outside main library, said, ‘It’s full of books.'” — The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg.

WaPo‘s Wes Lowery and HuffPost‘s Ryan Reilly have a teasing, loving relationship

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Alec Baldwin doubts the reality of the GOP primary debate stats

“I wonder what the accurate ratings are for these debates,” he wrote.

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USA Today‘s  snaps back at Media Research Center

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TheBlaze‘s Darcy added, “Didn’t quite understand your tweet.” Mastio, after being pushed to respond, finally replied, “@themrc was upset we didn’t cover a story in our print edition. We’re covering it up on front page of our free website.”

Katie Couric makes a point of being nice to strangers

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On Mexican journalists

“I’ve learned that there are good journalists killed in Mexico, but also many of the journalists killed worked for cartels. It’s tricky.” —  Breitbart Brandon Darby.

Publicist vows to never give Trump his time or his money

“No, Donald J. Trump I will not give you any money. Ever. Go sell a casino or an overpriced condo. I wouldn’t help fund your campaign if you were the last Republican candidate in the race. Now please, go back to your mail-order bride and second-rate TV show and leave the presidential race.” — Reason Magazine’s Communications Specialist Pat McMahon.

Rosie lashes out at Trump fan

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Media critic Richard Grennell doubts CNN report on Ailes, Trump

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Uh oh. 

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And here’s why…