Carly: There’s No Question Hillary Lied About Her Email Server

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Carly Fiorina says “there is no question that [Hillary Clinton] lied about” her emails.

Fiorina appeared on “Fox & Friends” Friday and said that Hillary has orchestrated a cover-up of her private email use while at the State Department.

“Well, you know, the old adage comes to mind — ‘the cover up is always worse than the crime,'” Fiorina said on the show. “We now know her server went to an IT company somewhere in New Jersey. And they spent time from 2013 on, making sure the server was clean. It is, as I said last week, she has lied about her e-mails. She lied about her server, she also lied about Benghazi. But the more we hear, the worse this gets.”

Host Steve Doocy later asked Florina, “Is it criminal?”

Carly replied, “Well, it certainly broke every rule in the book at the State Department. It may well turn out to be criminal. But there is no question that she lied about this. And there is also no question she was breaking the rules of her own State Department. Rules which she reinforced with employees while she there.”

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