Feminism Has Officially Jumped The Shark

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This summer, the news media uncovered an atrocity beyond our human imagination.

Was it the discovery that over 30 million people are enslaved in the world today? No.

Was it the genocide currently going on in the Central African Republic that’s resulted in the rape and murder of thousands? Not quite.

Was it the ethnic cleansing campaign waged by the Sri Lankan government against its Tamil minority? Wrong again.

It was actually something far worse: White collar women in America are suffering under the oppressive yoke of 71 degree office temperatures. This incomprehensible crime against humanity earned a report from every major cable outlet and even led to a very intriguing segment from the less-prominent Sky News.

“I think one of the biggest problems is that often in offices it is men who control temperatures… and because the majority of men in offices seem to be absolutely fine with the temperatures, women kind of just sit there in the cold feeling absolutely frozen,” Telegraph reporter Radhika Sanghani bravely told a Sky New anchor.

The Telegraph journalist then went on to declare that this injustice even prevents women from wearing cute summer dresses to the office.

After the interview, Sanghani tweeted out, “LOVE how many women are messaging me after taking [sic] about sexist air conditioning! Clearly this is a massive problem. Offices take note.”

However, the “sexist air conditioning” is a result of men having to wear summer-inappropriate suits, not of a misogynistic desire to see women freeze. Angry feminists have overlooked this gender discrepancy in a predictable rush to blame the all-prevailing patriarchal system for their chilly cubicles. (RELATED: AIR CONDITIONING Is A ‘Big, Sexist Plot,’ Washington Post Investigation Reveals)

The ridiculous condition of modern feminism enables this ridiculous attitude. As women are able to boast more education and more opportunities than men in contemporary America, the concerns of feminism are no longer about rectifying injustices or addressing inequalities. Instead, modern feminism is about turning the petty complaints of the nation’s most privileged caste into injustices.

The only conclusion to draw from this development is that feminism has truly jumped the shark. Feminism may have had to deal with genuine injustices in the past, but it is now only an enforcement mechanism for the will of deluded, power-hungry ladies.

Western women have their problems. So do Western men. So does everyone — especially those 30 million people who are currently enslaved. In our relatively privileged society, it is just plain dumb to turn the frivolous annoyances of everyday life into causes for social justice.

If you think it’s too cold in the office, send an email. But don’t resort to blaming an entire gender or an imaginary power structure for your discomfort at work.

The loudest voices in feminism still believe that women have not yet reached full equality with men in our society — even though the facts say otherwise. Women are now more likely to have a college degree than men. They are well-represented in and even dominate the most prestigious professions. And, in spite of contradictory rhetoric, women have shattered the glass ceiling in our post-industrial workforce.

Female independence is celebrated in our society. There are no barriers to women doing whatever they want with their lives. There’s arguably no better place to have two x chromosomes than the United States — especially when you look at how horribly other parts of the world treat the fairer sex.

Why, then, do so many well-educated women with the best opportunities insist that they are oppressed? Because that’s the nature of contemporary feminism. It has become an ideology designed to maintain and increase the power of one of the most powerful groups in our world.

And in modern American society, the best way to gain favored status is to play the victim. So the point of feminism is to dig up any and all grievances and turn them into a narrative of outright oppression against women. The results of this persecution mania are often incredulous.

For example, the outrage over catcalling inverts the Old Left notion of the rich oppressing the poor to the poor oppressing the rich. It’s hard to see construction workers giving unsolicited compliments to women who earn more money than they do as a case of the strong assaulting the weak, but that’s how feminists view it.

Feminists are also responsible for stoking campus-rape hysteria as some kind of epidemic, even though the cases and the statistics used to justify the outrage continue to fall apart. (RELATED: There’s More Than One In Five Things Wrong With Campus Rape ‘Facts’)

And at the same time feminists become enraged by the phony college rape culture, they completely ignore actual rape cultures such as what happens to underage migrant girls coming illegally into the U.S. (RELATED: Here’s One Rape Culture The Media Wishes Were Fake)

In essence, modern feminism reveals that a certain segment of privileged, upper-crust women is more concerned with bad dates than with the brutalization of poor Latino minors.

It’s not just that feminists conflate personal problems with social ills, it’s that they unquestionably believe their own nonsense.

This ideology is not about social justice — it’s about solidifying power for the wealthy and privileged. Feminism is no longer an idea for all people or even all women. It has become an ideology for those with the most advantages in our society.

As gender relations continue to worsen in America, we need to take a good, hard look at the source of this tension.

And it’s not the patriarchy.

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