Jeb Bush In Iowa: I’m A Washington Outsider

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Though his father and brother both occupied the White House and he has the support of the party’s establishment, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush argued Friday morning in Iowa he’s no Washington insider.

Speaking to reporters, Bush was asked about polls indicating voters are looking for an outsider and whether he can appeal to that crowd.

“I haven’t been in Washington D.C…I’ve never lived there. I’ve been a reform-minded governor. I’ll tell that story,” Bush said.

When about his family’s ties to Washington, Bush shot back: “Hey, I got that, I got the family thing. That’s totally true.”

“I’m blessed with a great family,” Bush added, “but my record of success is something people yearn for in Washington D.C.”

Lamenting the “gridlock in Washington,” Bush said it’s time to elect someone who doesn’t vilify his opponents, pointing out provocative comments recently made by President Obama about Republicans who oppose the Iranian nuclear deal.

“This idea that a president tears down his opponents, demonizes them, says that if you’re against the Iran deal, you’re in cahoots with the death to America crowd, give me a break. I mean, this is not how we’re going to solve our problems.

“I haven’t been contaminated by that culture that always tries to demonize and divide,” Bush said. “I’m from Florida. We solve problems there.”

A CNN poll released this week shows the top two Republicans in Iowa are Donald Trump and Ben Carson, two people who have never served in public office.

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