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Chinese Immigrant: ‘America Is The Only Country Founded On Great And Noble Ideals’ [VIDEO]

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Worrying that many native-born Americans are forgetting what draws immigrants to this country from places like communist China, Helen Raleigh, “an American by choice,” says “not all countries are created equal.”

It was in Tiananmen Square, while in middle school, that this young girl first heard the American Declaration of Independence read out loud in Chinese. It sparked her curiosity for another way of being governed. Nine years later, Raleigh came to the U.S. as a student and is now a businesswoman, author, speaker and policy advocate, while married to an American.

In this 32-minute exclusive video interview with The Daily Caller, Raleigh’s bilingual skills are obvious as she explains American exceptionalism and why it welcomes people like her.

“America is the only country founded on great and noble ideals and universally accepted values, such as we are all created equal, we have inalienable rights and we are governed by consent.” No country was ever founded on those unifying principles, she declares.

Raleigh says the political left in America is dividing Americans into groups and believes “circumstances determine your own life.” But, the right, she says, believe “circumstances only influence your life,” with the important factors being of one’s mind and actions.

Raleigh believes the left’s policies they are promoting about America’s history of repression, remind her of the socialism and communism that countries like China, Russia and Cuba has experimented with. These class-focused, multicultural policies have “disastrous results, with millions of lives lost along the way to pay the dear price for this kind of social experiment. It failed,” she says as she emotionally relays what happened to her family members who died in the great famine in China around 1949.

Discussing the famine that killed millions in China because 300 million poor farmers gave power to the communists, who were given power to “rob the rich” of property “ended up ensuring most are equally miserable.”

Speaking of the movie, “American Sniper,” Raleigh finds it fascinating that the radical Michael Moore can criticize such a movie, when Chris Kyle and other soldiers sacrificed much for the values of allowing Moore to speak his mind.

For more on Ms. Raleigh, see her book, “Confucius Never Said,” follow her on Twitter, on Facebook or on her website.

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